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What Is Stevia?

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What Is Stevia?


1.Originate from Paraguay

2.Naturally occurring components, steviol glycosides, are used as sugar substitute in food 

3.250-400 times sweeter than table sugar with zero calorie

4.>90% of stevia plant is grown in China today

Product special

1.Sweetener extracted from stevia leaves naturally by water。

2.sweetness than that of cane sugar。

3.Only 1/300 of cane sugar。

4.Recognized as safe sweetener bv the FDA and JECFA

5.Stable in acid, alkali, heat and light environment

6.Saving more than 60% cost compared to cane sugar

Stevia Application

As a new type of natural sweetener, stevioside can be widely used in various foods, beverages, medicines, and daily cosmetics. Almost all sugar products can use stevioside to replace part of sucrose and all saccharin. Currently, steviol glycosides are mainly used in beverages and medicines, especially beverages. In addition, they are used to a certain extent in cigarettes, cold foods, canned foods, preserves, condiments, alcohol, chewing gum, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Different types of products have different amounts of stevia added. After repeated research, the best ratio is selected to ensure the quality, taste and flavor of the product.




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