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About the introduction of pectin

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First, the type of pectin

At present, the types of pectin produced in China are divided into:

1, apple pectin

2, citrus pectin

Second, the main raw material of pectin

1. The main raw material of apple pectin is apple peel and apple pomace. Localization of raw materials.

2, the main raw material of citrus pectin is citrus peel, the source is mainly imported from South America.

Third, the specifications of pectin

1. High DE value pectin: DE value >50%, US-sag value is 150 degrees plus or minus 5 degrees, with ultra-fast gel, fast coagulation, medium coagulation, slow coagulation, super slow coagulation and so on.

2, low DE value pectin: DE value <50%, with high calcium sensitivity, medium calcium sensitivity and so on.

Fourth, the application of pectin

Pectin is mainly used as a gelling agent, emulsifier and stabilizer in the food field. Apple pectin is used in the same way as citrus pectin. The purchase of customers depends on various specifications, uses, usage habits, cost and other factors. .

1. High DE value pectin is mainly used in jam, jelly, fermented lactic acid beverage, beverage, baked food, candy, QQ jelly and other products.

2, low DE value pectin is mainly used in: yogurt, low candy gum, fruit preparations and other products.

5. The main market for pectin

The main markets are: North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.

Sixth, the packaging of pectin

25KG/paper bag or box with 13 tons.

Seven, the amount of packing

1FCL standard box can be loaded




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