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About Soy protein isolate

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Soy protein isolate is a full-price protein food additive produced from low temperature desolved soybean meal.

Soy protein isolate has a protein content of more than 90% and nearly 20 kinds of amino acids. It is rich in nutrients and contains no cholesterol. It is one of the few alternative animal protein varieties in plant protein.

Emulsified type

Features: Good gel, water and oil retention. Application: It is applied to emulsified high-temperature ham sausage, Western-style enema and other low-temperature meat products, frozen products (such as meatballs, fish balls, etc.), bakery products, pasta products, candy, cakes and aquatic products.

Injection type

Features: Good solubility in meat and good emulsifying properties

Application: Injection type barbecue


Features: No bean flavor, good brewing properties, rapid dissolution, stable after dissolution, not easy to stratify

Application: Nutrition, health products, beverages

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